The Outdoor Icon® Show came about through the discussions and ideas bounced around between Denny Malloy and Rob Palowitz back in 2003. Longtime friends for some 25 years from grade school and throughout high school, they often met to talk about outdoor related ideas that can work for products or solutions. From times fishing at local lakes discussing ideas for a fishing attractant and actually making some, to being at a goose blind playing with homemade goose calls, it’s in their blood to be creative. Back in the early part of 2003, planning began on the concept of the show, where it was first being looked at from the standpoint of a TV show concept or series. But, with limited funds and limited time (both working full time jobs), that direction looked like it had to wait. Then, one day Denny and Rob simultaneously ran into people they knew at Clear Channel Radio and the idea of an outdoor radio show spread to the station. After many meetings and outlined suggestions passed amongst management, the Outdoor Icon Show® got the green light to go on the air. That ended up being on November 22, 2003, and the two of them haven’t looked back since.

The funny part of the story that has not been discussed yet, was that Denny and Rob both didn’t realize they would become talk show hosts. So, when the idea was discussed about TV they had a sport show announcer from Cleveland picked out to be the host of the show. With, both of them being somewhat naïve to the industry, they assumed someone else would host the show on the radio and they would be “steady guests”. It wasn’t until Dan Rivers, Operations/Production manager and talk show host at Clear Channel said, “Alright guys, we’ll try you out in 2 weeks!” that they looked at each other and said, “Ahh…try out who? Does that mean both of us will be on the radio from what you’re saying?” And they both had a sudden panic stricken look on their faces. “We are not communication college grads or experienced to do this!” But, with the confidence, experience, passion and knowledge they had for the outdoors, they felt that they were ready to be radio talk show hosts.

So, on that morning of November 22, 2003 at 6 a.m., two childhood buddies found a corner in the radio business. Better yet, a job sharing their passion to loyal folks who liked to listen and call in.

Then came the TV show again…Fox 17/62 stepped up to the plate to be the first to air their TV series with a 14 week commitment. Now looking beyond those 14 episodes stands the opportunity to further The Outdoor Icon following. That’s where you loyal listeners, viewers and die-hard outdoor fanatics come into play.

But the story is not over yet. With all the new found interest in our area for gas and oil, we felt obligated to start a new show that focuses on our natural resources. So, we met with the local news radio AM station that happens to have the largest footprint and a new show is born! "Mahoning Valley Shale & Energy Show" will be the latest brainchild of Denny and Rob to get our local folks informed and taken care of with questions that have been arising about leases and land. As always we want to educate and enlighten people with good solid information in order for them to make solid decisions. With Denny's natural resources education and background as well as Rob's entrepreneurial creativity in business, the new show will appeal to a lot of people in the valley.

If you do not get our show in your area for radio or TV, go to your local stations and request it. From talk AM or FM stations to TV cable or local networks, we need to spread the word. We would appreciate the help to get The Outdoor Icon® Show in your area. Be a responsible outdoorsman and become an Outdoor Icon!


Our show was dedicated to the Northeast Ohio Shale Boom:

Mahoning Valley Shale
& Energy Show





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