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Outdoor Icon® is soon to be your favorite web page on your browser. Started in 2003 as a radio show only. We now have a TV show that is one of a kind covering Northeast Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and Northern West Virginia. With celebrity interviews from President elect John Kerry to music mogul and outdoor spokesman Ted Nugent, we get right in and speak with these "Outdoor Icon's".

So, if you have a product or service that fits our demographic target contact us for a program that will fit your needs and your budget. We're not only covering the target market of long time outdoorsmen but also reaching the up and coming youth that will be a large part of carrying our outdoor traditions. The "Generation Y: The Millennials" which makes up over 20% of our population. The largest group since the "Baby Boomers". Like it or not it's a fact.

Although they are more technical and computer savvy we speak their language. Also, their varied interest in the outdoors is covered in our programming with shows about fishing for Steelhead to hunting waterfowl. These hunters visit the community to obtain information on how to hunt various species, to read the latest in gear reviews, watch an episode where your product may be featured, learn how they can get hooked up with outfitters or even look up an outdoor mentor.

Most importantly, our services go well beyond regular ad space advertising. With our media partner PALO Creative, we offer marketing, strategic advertising, PR, website development, E-Commerce solutions and custom surveys for collecting data as well as custom direct mail campaigns.

Whether you're looking for a large advertising campaign or a smaller advertising package, we have the ability to custom tailor ads to fit your specific needs.

We are available at your convenience should you have any questions or wish to discuss your marketing plans in further detail. At Outdoor Icon we are totally dedicated to building long lasting, successful relationships with our clients. To learn more about these opportunities, you can contact us directly at 866-629-7256 or email Rob Palowitz. You can also download our current media kit to see what opportunities exist for you and your business.




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